we are unapologetic.

Too often, the tides roll deep into the em-oceans that are us. Too often, we are silenced and our screams are but vibrations beneath a tsunami of pain, of hope, of oppression. And we’re one to be blamed for not swimming in a tsunami. We’re blamed. 

Yet all to often we’re carried ashore and shamed, part of the problem; when privilege strikes as tectonic teeth gritting against the core of our souls. We are one, but none. And swept away by force we become. 

And so we rise. Hopeless? We are not. We are more. We are more than victims. Our identities are rocks in a river, worn away by the rushing waves. I’m not here for your comfort. 

I am not a pin in your wheel, I’m not the nails in your house. I’m not the rain for your desert and I sure as hell am not a token for your comfort.

You dropped a house on me like I’m from the east of oz, and your house is built on my pain. You’ve portrayed my skin as green to ease your pain of guilt; I am glinda and you are a tornado of entitlement.

Privilege is more than it seems to be; it’s unstoppable it seems. It’s unbreakable it seems. In reality, the world was built to withstand you, and we were built for your destruction. But fear not. We’ll rise.

We are unapologetic. And we will not be denied love, we will not be denied rights. This world wasn’t built for us. We are the oppressed.

But we are also the privileged. We help and hurt ourselves. We’re learning to share intel on how to fight back against the tsunamis and earthquakes, we’re learning how to fight. But damnit, our will is stronger.

Because I’ve come to realize you’re not a tsunami, you’re not an earthquake, privileged ones. You’re shaking sheets of tin, hoses and slurs, you’re a hologram of a disaster and an oppressor.

Yet ignorance is the king of the world, and you’re the queen. We are the fool, a laugh for disposal.

I’m done apologizing. I’m not sorry for my dignity, a man doesn’t apologize for entering a house that is his own. I am not sorry, and I will no longer be subject to invisible walls you’ve tried to abuse me with; your standards are low like your morals, and I will rise.

But we are people and more, we are unapologetic. And I encourage all of you, oppressed and privileged, to reflect on how you exist. You are likely both. Ignorance may rule, but we are no fools. We are no fools.

We will continue to exist, to fight, to change.

we are unapologetic.