poetry, unapologetic

Yeah, I’m a bitch.

Cecily Thomas Yeah, I’m a bitch. But I’m not your “Hmph, bitch” I’m that fat bitch. that bitch. I’m the one you smell in a dreamA nightmare I’m a fucking bitch for letting you starve? Bitch, In a silky robe of my confidence And my walk of shame My bakery body has more rolls Than… Continue reading Yeah, I’m a bitch.

poetry, unapologetic

damn, am i queer.

Steam arises And a smile below the cup warms me Cools me And fills my head. The fire I feed burned low. I’ve brought fuel yet I simmer. Waiting to steam off. Wind finds no match For the chest space I’ve guarded has Bro Ken Have the knights fallen, or has the son just risen?… Continue reading damn, am i queer.